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Librarian's Journal


Rachel Weisz, born in London, England on March 7, 1971.

I've come to slashcamp as the new librarian. My father was and still is an antiquarian and bibliophile and he's passed that trait onto me. I, in turn, wanted to run a library and I took this chance as soon as I could. I intend to recommend and seek out literature for the campers and staff at slashcamp and I hope that they would come to me and let me help in any way I can.

You can find me about in the library and usually having a cup of tea, reading, and chatting with whoever would like to talk. I'm kind of a loner and like my peace and quiet, seeking solace among the volumes that were passed down to me, and so desperately sought out.

Please note that this is for an RPG community and I AM NOT Rachel Weisz. This is intended to be fun and not malicious in any way!